North Shore

A blanket of mountains drapes the North Shore. Cross the Lions Gate Bridge and you will find numerous natural tourist attractions and an enormous year round outdoor playground for skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, hiking, and a multitude of other outdoor activities, as well as a massive and picturesque shoreline stretching from Indian Arm to Howe Sound.   One of the most desirable areas to live, the North Shore is well known for its mountainous natural rain forest, rivers and canyons, and has a hilly natural topography giving way to numerous neighbourhoods with large lots and contoured street networks.  But the North Shore is also home to several robust commercial and retail districts and quaint neighbourhood gathering centres, each with their own personalities (and it also happens to be where Mike was born and raised).  But there is one thing you will find everywhere...a laid-back outdoorsy vibe that keeps people coming back for more.